Team Coaches

Coach Joseph Earl Price
RCE 2022 Elite Coach

Growing up, I have always been a sports junkie.  I’ve played basketball, football, baseball, softball and ran track.  I represented by elementary school each year at the city wide track meet competing in the 100 yard dash, 200 yard dash and the 4×100 yard dash.  I’ve played various positions in baseball and softball to include second base, hind catcher, and all outfield positions.  I’ve played running back, fullback and linebacker in football.  However, my love is basketball and I love playing the point guard position. I started at point guard from the third grade all the way through high school at Walker High.

After relocating to Harvest, Alabama in 2008, I became an assistant coach in football for the Monrovia Panthers.  The very next year, I became a head coach in the junior division of the Tennessee Valley Youth Football League (TVYFL).  As a coach at Monrovia, I won two championships and one runner-up. 

In 2009, I became a head coach in basketball with Monrovia Park and Recreation Association (MPRA).  I have a great passion for coaching and teaching children’s athletics.  Each year at MPRA, my teams were in the championship hunt winning it all on three occasions.  I soon began to realize that winning was not as important as player development and I began to shift my focus to developing young men versus winning championships.  In 2013, I became a board member for the MPRA basketball league and was the catalyst drafted the policy and process for what is now known as the MPRA recplus league. 

As my son Joshua has progressed through his basketball career, I have continued place my emphasis on player development, however, I have added teaching Christian values as well as mentoring young men to become positive contributors as a part of my coaching emphasis.  Just last year, many of the players on the seventh grade AAU team attended the NJMBC Youth ministry retreat.  This was a spiritual enriching event for all who attended.  I will continue this year with player development, Christian enrichment and a competitive spirit all with the goal of each player culminating their high school basketball careers with a scholarship to play the game they love at the university of their choosing while receiving a free college education.

Coach Daquan Ford

Daquan Ford was a respected basketball player in Huntsville in high school he played PG at Columbia High School leading them to the best record in school history at the time. He led with his savvy basketball iq and his elite ball handling and court vision. This got him an opportunity to play basketball at the next level. He attended Bevill State Community College where he played under legendary coach, Tommy Suitts. Now that his playing days are over, Daquan Ford came back home to pursue his dream of being a basketball trainer to give back to the youth. He recently interned under Ryan Razooky (R2bball). Ryan is currently the trainer of great basketball players such as Mikey Williams (5 star) , Dijonai Carrington (WNBA) and many more. Daquan Ford has seen enough basketball to know the end and out the firing passion to help get players to reach their potential.